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Hi there :) I'm a big Gaga stan but this blog may not show that as I'm constantly blogging stuff about Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Teen Wolf and my celeb crushes, ZIAM IS EVERYTHING!

I am Homer I am definitely Homer.

Our exclusive selfie shows the boys taking time out from rehearsals in London for their upcoming Where We Are world tour.
HARRY, NIALL, ZAYN, LOUIS and LIAM were happy to pose for pal JAMES CORDEN’s Sports Relief Day at The Sun. (x)

When people don’t hold the elevator for me

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This whole Liam drama is sad :(
I’m glad it wasn’t Zayn though xD


Gaga looking flawless and supporting her man at the Golden Globes After Party ♥

Wishing Zayn a VERY HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY!!!♥♥♥

Love you boo!
Party hard and drunk kiss Liam!! ;D

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Zayn + Perrie

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but they are literally the most attractive couple to ever couple


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Talk Dirty To Me → Liam

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That’s the only way to get the flavor.

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